Published On: Wed, Apr 19th, 2017

Lakeland Industries, Inc. (LAKE) Updated Broker Ratings

A number of investment brokers have recently updated their price targets on shares of Lakeland Industries, Inc. (LAKE).

Most recent broker ratings

02/10/2016 – Singular Research began new coverage on Lakeland Industries, Inc. giving the company a “buy” rating. They now have a USD 17.5 price target on the stock.

09/17/2015 – Lakeland Industries, Inc. had its “buy” rating reiterated by analysts at Craig-Hallum. They now have a USD 21 price target on the stock.

05/21/2015 – Lakeland Industries, Inc. was upgraded to “buy” by analysts at Zacks. They now have a USD 11 price target on the stock.

02/03/2014 – Lakeland Industries, Inc. was upgraded to “buy” by analysts at Thomson Reuters/Verus.

The share price of Lakeland Industries, Inc. (LAKE) was up +0.00% during the last day of trading, with a day high of 10.20. 20448 shares were traded during the last session.

The stock’s 50 day moving average is 10.19 and its 200 day moving average is 10.55. The stock’s market capitalization is 73.34M. Lakeland Industries, Inc. has a 52-week low of 8.00 and a 52-week high of 11.86.

Lakeland Industries, Inc. (Lakeland) manufactures and sells a line of safety garments and accessories for the industrial and public protective clothing market. The Company’s product categories include limited use/disposable protective clothing; high-end chemical protective suits; firefighting, flame resistant personal protective equipment (FR PPE) and heat protective apparel; reusable woven garments; high visibility clothing, and glove and sleeves. The Company’s products are sold by its in-house customer service group, its regional sales managers and independent sales representatives to a network of over 1,200 North American safety and mill supply distributors. These distributors in turn supply end user industrial customers, such as integrated oil, chemical/petrochemical, utilities, automobile, steel, glass, construction, smelting, munition plants, janitorial, pharmaceutical, mortuaries and high technology electronics manufacturers, as well as scientific and medical laboratories.