Published On: Mon, Jun 19th, 2017

Luby's, Inc. (NYSE:LUB) Broker Views On Wall Street

A number of investment brokers have recently updated their price targets on shares of Luby's, Inc. (NYSE:LUB).

Most recent broker ratings

02/28/2014 – Luby's, Inc. was upgraded to “overweight” by analysts at EVA Dimensions.

02/03/2014 – Luby's, Inc. was upgraded to “hold” by analysts at Thomson Reuters/Verus.

01/02/2014 – Luby's, Inc. was downgraded to “hold” by analysts at TheStreet.

The share price of Luby's, Inc. (NYSE:LUB) was up +1.33% during the last day of trading, with a day high of 3.05. 104363 shares were traded during the last session.

The stock’s 50 day moving average is 2.84 and its 200 day moving average is 3.46. The stock’s market capitalization is 88.73M. Luby's, Inc. has a 52-week low of 2.45 and a 52-week high of 5.10.