Published On: Mon, Sep 12th, 2016

‘Boku No Hero Academia’ Chapter 106, 107 Spoilers, Predictions: UA Follows Deku, Bakugou’s Lead Passing Hero Exam?

Deku and Bakugou showcase their special moves in Boku No Hero Academia chapter 107. Other UA students follow Deku and Bakugou’s example ending their battles with their respective opponents.

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Spoiler Alert: This article contains a short spoiler for Boku No Hero Academia chapter 106. If you have not read the previous installment, skip this. Otherwise, read on.


Some Hero License exam participants have already passed the test. Todoroki keeps his eyes fixed at Inasa while he enters the waiting room.

Todoroki wonders if he has seen Inasa on the battlefield. Inasa glances at Todoroki for a second. Right then,  Inasa resumes talking to a certain someone.

Deku, on the other hand, is still fighting the Shiketsu girl. For some reason, the Skiketsu student’s clothes have gone missing, surprising Midoriya. Deku insists that the Shiketsu girl should dress up.

However, the aspiring hero from Shiketsu ignores Deku’s rants assaulting him with her Quirk. Fortunately, Deku dodges the Shiketsu girl’s attack. And in the nick of time, Hanta and Uraraka arrive.

As the three Class 1-A students regroup, the naked Shiketsu student runs away. Deku tells Hanta and Uraraka to let her be. Meanwhile, Bakugou and Denki confront the guy from Shiketsu who turned Eijirou into a molded pile.

The Shiketsu guy says that he truly respects UA. Nonetheless, that respect vanishes as he encounters Class 1-A. Bakugou does not really pay attention to what his opponent is blabbing about.

Katsuki exclaims that he should just fight him. Engaged in their own battles, Aizawa-sensei speaks proudly of Katsuki and Deku.

If Deku and Bakugou can truly influence the whole Class-1A then it is possible that the two UA will be leading them to victory in Boku No Hero Academia chapter 107. Although Bakugou and Deku have opposite personalities, Class 1-A students trust them.

Katsuki may not be the cooperative type but somehow he pulls the class together. Bakugou may not want to admit yet he seems to be a shadow that guides Class 1-A.

A shadow because Bakugou does not particularly want to directly show that he is helping UA. Deku’s unquestionable leadership will play a big part in this arc, too. As fans know, Deku is really trustworthy.

Perhaps, half of the Class 1-A will pass in Boku No Hero Academia chapter 107. If this transpires, Deku and Bakugou must have done something to make it happen.

Photo Source: My Hero Academia Official Website

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