Published On: Thu, Sep 15th, 2016

‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 501, 502 Spoilers, Predictions: Gray Fullbuster Easily Defeats Dimaria, Ice Mage to Kill Natsu?

Gray Fullbuster interrupts Lucy’s battle with Dimaria in Fairy Tail chapter 502. The ice mage shoves Dimaria out of his way then challenges Natsu to a serious battle.

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Spoiler Alert: This article contains a short spoiler for Fairy Tail chapter 501. If you have not read the previous installment, skip this. Otherwise, read on.


Brandish returns Natsu’s tumor to its normal size. Lucy asks why is Brandish making Natsu suffers.

The Spriggan 12 member states that Natsu, Lucy and Happy will hinder Zeref’s plan. Brandish cannot let that happen.

In order to free Natsu from his pain, Lucy challenges Brandish to fight her. Lucy says that Brandish must heal Natsu once she beats her.

Brandish declares that Lucy does not stand a chance against her. Even so, Brandish accepts Lucy’s challenge and said she will heal Natsu if she wins.

Lucy and Brandish throw themselves into mid-air struggling to defeat the other. Brandish hardly kicks Lucy pushing her to the ground.

The Stellar mage slowly gets up.  Lucy uses her key to summon Scorpio. Lucy and Scorpio try to victor against Brandish.

However, the Stellar mage and her Celestial spirit fail to do it. Dimaria then appears revealing that she has been watching all along.

Dimaria also points out that Brandish does not even have the slightest intention to kill the three fairies. If Brandish actually wants to end the fairies’ lives, she can easily do that. After making bold remarks, Dimaria stabs Brandish.

Most probably, Gray will show up in Fairy Tail chapter 502. The ice mage will perhaps try to locate Natsu, Lucy and Happy.

When Gray finds the trio, he sees Dimaria choking Lucy to death. The ice wizard uses his magic to force Dimaria out of his way.

Gray does not take a second glance at Dimaria. Instead, Gray walks toward Natsu. The Dragon Slayer scolds Gray for running late to save Lucy and Happy.

Can Gray really murder his comrade Natsu in Fairy Tail chapter 502? Let us find out in the next chapter.

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