Published On: Mon, Sep 12th, 2016

‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 501 Spoilers: Photos of Brandish Sparing Natsu’s Life, Lucy’s Battle With Spriggan 12 Member Revealed

Photo spoilers for Fairy Tail chapter 501 show Brandish sparing Natsu’s life and Lucy’s battle against a member of Spriggan 12. The next chapter will also feature Happy and the Celestial Spirit Scorpio.

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Spoiler Alert: This article contains a major spoiler for Fairy Tail chapter 501. If you have not read the previous installment, skip this. Otherwise, read on.


Previously, Brandish talks to Lucy, Natsu and Happy to inform that she does not want to harm them. Even so, the recent spoiler for the next chapter claims that Natsu and Lucy are badly hurt.

Photos from the MangaHelpers forum site hints Natsu’s defeat to Brandish’s overwhelming magic power. Nonetheless, when Brandish notices that Dimaria is watching from afar, she pretends to me beaten by the fire mage.

Dimaria approaches Brandish to tell  her that she knows what Brandish is up to. The Spriggan 12 member Dimaria does not turn a blind eye toward Brandish’s actions.

Subsequently, Dimaria instantaneously strikes Brandish’s abdomen causing her to bleed.  As translated, Dimaria asks Brandish if she has his tumor back.

“He” in the translation does not specifically refer to anyone. Yet, as the spoiler pictures suggest, Natsu seems to be the person being talked about.

Dimaria also points out that Brandish could have easily killed him. Brandish can enlarge his internal organs and blow up his body.

As for this girl (probably referring to Lucy), Dimaria exclaims that Brandish could have shrunk Lucy to ant-size and crashed her. Dimaria then reveals that she knows Brandish is trying to fake her defeat.

Brandish keeps her mouth shut. Dimaria thereafter proclaims that Brandish is no good. Happy and Lucy look astonished as they see Dimaria cut her comrade’s abdomen.

After Dimaria has punished Brandish, she clicks her teeth. Later on, Lucy’s face is on ground with  Dimaria stepping on her head. “Don’t think you’re going to die easily *****,” Dimaria yells at Lucy while crying.

Aside from all that, a fan notices Lucy’s new fighting outfit. In the photo, Lucy and Scorpio seem to be battling against a Spriggan 12 member.  However, it does not show who their opponent is.

Fairy Tail chapter 501 is expected to be released on Monday, Sept. 12.

Photo Source: Flickr User fuba recorder

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