‘One Piece’ Chapter 839, 840 Spoilers, Predictions: Locked in Prison Jimbe Conveys Straw Hats Message to Sanji


Big Mom decides to spare Jimbe’s life and locks him in prison in One Piece chapter 840. Behind the metal bars, Jimbe calls out to Sanji and imparts an important message to him.

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Spoiler Alert: This article contains a short spoiler for One Piece chapter 839. If you have not read the previous installment, skip this. Otherwise, read on.


Sanji and his family eat together in the previous chapter. Niji complains about the food and calls for the head chef.

Vinsmoke Niji throws the plate at Cossete. Yet, before it can even hit the head chef, Sanji catches the plate.

Black Leg Sanji shouts at his brother. Sanji points out that Niji must never hurt a lady. Moreover, Sanji says that food must never go to waste.

Thus, Sanji picks the food on the ground and eats it. Niji does not approve of his brother acting friendly with the Vinsmokes’ servant.

Niji accuses Sanji of bringing shame to their family. When Sanji raises his voice in front at the Vinsmokes, Jajji shows a picture.

Jajji Vinsmokes states that the man in the photo will die if he tries anything funny. Thereafter, Sanji finds the head chef Corsette lying on the ground. As Yonji appears, he gives Sanji a hint about who possibly hurt Corsette.

Most likely, One Piece chapter 840 will still primarily focus on the Vinsmokes. Sanji and the rest of the Vinsmokes meeting with Big Mom will then happen.

Sanji, along with the Vinsmokes, walks toward Big Mom’s castle. As soon as Pudding sees Sanji, she immediately runs to him.

Pudding clings to Sanji’s arm and asks if she can steal Charlotte Linlin’s man for a while.

Big Mom seems suspicious of Pudding but decides to approve her daughter’s request. While Pudding and Sanji are walking, Pudding tells Sanji that she has met his friends.

Pudding also reveals her decision. Pudding says that she does not want to marry Sanji. This surprises Sanji but Sanji insists that he cannot defy his father.

Big Mom’s daughter does not speak. Instead,  she drags Sanji to the castle’s prison. Pudding informs Sanji that Jimbe is waiting for him.

Can we really see Jimbe in One Piece chapter 840? It has been a long time since we heard about the Sea King so he may be showing up anytime soon.

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