‘One Piece’ Chapter 839, 840 Spoilers, Predictions: Luffy Ends Battle With Cracker, Pirates Proceed to Sanji’s Wedding


Luffy and Charlotte Cracker’s battle ends in One Piece chapter 840. The Sanji retrieval team then proceeds to the Whole Cake Island.

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Spoiler Alert: This article contains a short spoiler for One Piece chapter 839. If you have not read the previous installment, skip this. Otherwise, read on.


One Piece chapter 839 features the Vinsmoke family. Sanji is eating with his family when Niji complains about the food.

Niji then calls for the head chef Corsette. When Niji throws the plate at the chef, Sanji catches it with ease. Sanji reprimands his brother for almost leaving a scar on Corsette’s face.

While picking up the food on the floor, Sanji compliments the head chef’s cooking. Niji cannot tolerate Sanji’s friendly attitude toward their servant. Niji orders Sanji to stop interacting with their helpers.

Sanji does not approve of his brother’s way of seeing things. Black Leg Sanji says that he is ashamed of the Vinsmoke.

Taken aback by Sanji’s words, Jajji shows him a picture and that shuts him up. Jajji warns Sanji that he will kill the person in the photo if he does not obey his orders.

One Piece chapter 840 will probably show Luffy and Cracker’s battle. The Straw Hat captain will end his fight against Cracker in the next chapter.

This prediction proposes that Monkey D Luffy will win the fight. Luffy looks for Nami, Carrot and Chopper.

Nami and Pound are running away from Brulee when Big Mom’s daughter suddenly begins to get sucked inside the mirror world.

As Carrot and Chopper emerge from the mirror realm, Luffy comes running towards the group. Brulee tries to go back to the Seducing Woods but something seems to be holding her back.

Can the Sanji Retrieval Team make it out from the Seducing Woods in One Piece chapter 840?

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