‘Tokyo Ghoul:re’ Chapter 92, 93 Spoilers Predictions: Kurona’s Death Draws Near, Will Nishiki Appears Next Chapter?


Prediction for Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 93 suggests that Kurona will die in the hands of Kanou’s experiment. As for the figure lurking in the shadow that has been shown in the previous chapter, a number of fans believe that the person is evidently Nishiki.

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Spoiler Alert: This article contains a short spoiler for Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 92. If you have not read the previous installment, skip this. Otherwise, read on.


Tooru Mutsuki shows up in the previous chapter. Mutsuki states that she will be assisting Mado Akira. When Mutsuki asks Akira if reinforcements are coming, Akira assures Mutsuki that Suzuya’s and Urie’s squads will be arriving soon.

Confronting Seidou, Mutsuki releases her Kagune accidently cutting Akira’s cheek. In Kanou’s lab, Okahira assaults Kurona. Okahira dashes toward Kurona then jumps on her Kagune.

Nonetheless, Kurona abruptly cut one of the pipes that hang over Okahira’s head. This kills Okahira.

Kurona’s confidence returns saying that she can break all pipes in the lab annihilating all researchers. However, Kanou reveals another battalion of Quinx.

Somewhere else in Rushima, Naki is guarding Miza Kusakari. When Mika wakes up, she witnesses a terrible sight; a number of CCG investigators are being slaughtered.

Miza waits for Naki to explain to her what is going on. But Naki can no longer explain in detail as he falls unconscious. Miza cries as a dark figure approaches Miza and Naki.

Before my prediction, let me clarify why I choose to refer Mutsuki as “she” than “he.” Basically, Mutsuki is still a girl even if she sees herself as a guy. That is all.

Anyway, Kurona will not survive from Kanou’s lab in Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 93. Despite Kurona’s unquestionable ability, a battalion of Kanou’s experiments attacking her is bad news. More than that, readers must not forget the fact that Kurona has come to Kanou’s lab heavily wounded.

MangaHelper fans, on the other hand, propose that the mysterious figure approaching Miza and Naki is no other than Nishiki. “Zapp Archer” explains that Nishiki showing up will be credible to a theory that Torso has harmed or has killed Kimi Nishino.

If the shadow figure is not Nishiki, who could this person be? Will he or she help Miza and Naki in Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 93 or murder them?

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