Published On: Wed, Sep 14th, 2016

‘Tokyo Ghoul:re’ Chapter 92, 93 Spoilers, Predictions: Mutsuki, Amon Fail to Protect Akira; Takizawa Ends Akira’s Life

Mutsuki battles against Seidou Takiwaza in Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 93. Seidou slips through Mutsuki’s defense and stabs Akira.

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Spoiler Alert: This article contains a short spoiler for Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 92. If you have not read the previous installment, skip this. Otherwise, read on.


The previous chapter reveals that Tooru Mutsuki has thrown the knife in Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 91. Subsequently to this, Seidou pulls out the knife that has pierced his left eye.

Mutsuki apprises that she comes to help Akira. After making her goal clear, Mutsuki asks Akira if their back-up is coming yet. Akira guarantees that Suzuya’s and Uries’s squads are on their way.

Tooru  dashes toward Seidou. Meanwhile, Kurona and Okahira begin their battle. When Kurona unleashes her Kagune, Okahira jumps on it.

Okahira advances toward Kurona but before he can even get close, Kurona cut one of the pipes hanging over Okahira’s head. In a blink of an eye, Okahira dies.

Kurona proudly anounces her victory. Yasuhisa even threatens Kanou. Nonetheless, a battalion of Quinx appears.

In continuation of the prior events, Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 93 indicates that Seidou’s strong emotions will overpower Mutsuki and Amon’s combined strengths.

The members of the Suzuya squad make their entrance however, Takizawa has already stabbed Akira. Amon and Mutsuki run to Akira’s side.

Looking at Amon and Mutsuki, Akira assures them that she will be fine. Amon does not believe Akira’s words. Meanwhile, the Suzuya squad fights Takizawa.

The squad tries to suppress his movement. Yet, Seidou is frantically dodging every punch and kick the members are throwing at him.

Amon then joins the battle. He  aimlessly strikes Seidou until one of Amon’s attempts got Takizawa’s arm.

Perhaps, Seidou is not going to die without killing a CCG investigator first. Even so, this prediction will only be proven true or false, once Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 93 is released.

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