Published On: Fri, Sep 16th, 2016

‘Tokyo Ghoul:re’ Chapter 92, 93 Spoilers, Predictions: Squad 0, Kaneki, Touka to Finally be Featured Next Chapter?

Prediction for Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 93 claims that Squad 0 will be lending Touka’s group a hand. This possibility has a low chance of happening in the next chapter but it will definitely occur sooner or later.

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Spoiler Alert: This article contains a short spoiler for Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 92. If you have not read the previous installment, skip this. Otherwise, read on.


The previous chapter featured the appearance of Tooru Mutsuki. It also reveals that the person who threw the knife is Mutsuki.

Mutsuki declares that she comes to assists Akira. Before Seidou attacks Mutsuki, she asks Akira if the reinforcements are on their way. Akira assures Mutsuki that Suzuya’s and Urie’s squads will show up soon.

Thereafter, Mutsuki and Seidou’s battle begins Meanwhile, Kanou’s experiment product dashes towards Kurona. Yasuhisa immediately breaks a tube hanging over Otsuki’s head.

Kurona thinks the battle is over. However, Kanou reveals another battalion of his puppets.

Fans must have been wondering whether Kaneki and Touka will  make their appearances in Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 93.

It is true that readers are hype about Amon and Mutsuki showing up. Nevertheless, let us not forget the fact that Ishida-sensei likes shifting our attentions from one scenario to another.

Hence, it will not be too surprising if the Squad 0, Kaneki and Touka’s group will be featured in chapter 93. If this happens, Squad 0 will serve as Touka’s group back-up.

Touka will most likely not  fight  the Ghoul investigators. Touka has to focus on healing herself and her friends.

Squad 0 and Kaneki will handle Touka’s group’s unfinished battle. The two special class investigators will  call for reinforcement themselves. It will be too risky to fight  a battalion of soldiers, after all.

If this does not happen then Kurona’s battle with Kanou’s dolls may also occur in Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 93. Furthermore, Suzuya’s and Urie’s squads can also make their appearance on the next chapter.

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