Amber Heard, Johnny Depp Divorce: Actress Demands to Double Divorce Settlement to $14M


Just a few months ago, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp shocked the world with the divorce news. Finally, the ex-couple appeased the issue, but the actress now thinks that the $7-million divorce settlement should be doubled to make up for charitable tax deductions for paying directly to the charities.

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The divorce came to life when the American actress sued her husband for the emotional and physical abuse. However, rumors claimed that money compelled Heard to take  legal actions but the star insisted that it was never about the cash. To establish her integrity, the actress announced previously that she will donate the money to a charity.


Amber Heard definitely did what she promised to do. According to BBC News, she first pledged to donate the $7M settlement payment to two charity organizations for abused women and sick children.

Recently, Depp  donated the money directly to the charities under Heard’s name, instead of giving it to the actress first. Because of that, Heard’s team accused the actor of trying to reduce the total agreed bill.

They argued that Depp will get a charitable tax deduction because he sent the money directly to the organizations. Now, the 30-year-old actress wants Johnny Depp to pay another $7 million to make up for the deductions..

“We would also insist that the full amount be paid immediately and not drawn out over many years,” Heard’s spokesperson said. Although the Hollywood star insisted on $14M, Heard still appreciated Depp’s interest to support the two charities, Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) against domestic violence.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star’s representative confirmed that Johnny Deep will honor the full amount of Heard’s pledge to the charities. The spokesperson said that the actress’ generosity to donate the money for a cause is deeply respected.

In another news, Heard’s friend opened about the couple’s relationship. People Magazine reported that iO Tillet Wright dished some truths he learned while living with the pair.

Wright cut the string attached to Depp after he felt that the actor has been “unapologetic” about his rude behavior towards Heard. But then, he assured that he has no hard feelings to the actor and instead, he thanked him for the help he previously offered.

The gay right activist implied that people become bad because of the things that happen to them and the pain that they try to get around. Wright lived with Heard and Depp for a year before the two exchanged vows in 2015.

Despite the sad split news, the 31-year-old activist still gave credit to the couple coming into rescue to save his life. He revealed that they helped him get on a plane back to Los Angeles. They even told him to call if he needs anything.

Wright also added that the actor’s generosity did not just end there. Depp offered him financlial help, but he refused the offer since it might poison their friendship. After the split, Wright clearly remained closer to Amber Heard than to Depp.

Photo source: GabboT via Wikimedia Commons

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