Brooklyn Beckham, Chloe Moretz Split: Beckham Admits 'I'm Miserable Without Her'


Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Moretz have been the headline of the news after the two allegedly broke up weeks ago. Yet, a report claimed that the young bachelor has realized the errors in the relationship and now desperate to win back his lover.

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The lovebirds, who officially publicized their affair back in May at Andy Cohen’s show, were rumored to have ended the romance earlier this month. Although the two remained silent about the issue, several rumors asserted that the distance has put too much strain on the relationship. Beckham stayed in London for his study while Moretz was in Los Angeles.


Despite claims, reported that Brooklyn Beckham wants to win back Moretz as soon as possible. An insider told the tabloid that David Beckham’s son is eager to have a sincere heart-to-heart talk with the actress.

The 17-year-old handsome is purportedly missing Moretz and he would willingly do anything just to win her back. The source also dished that Beckham is desperate to meet the actress. However, he has school commitments in London and his flame has a hectic work schedule.

Furthermore, the snitch went on to say that the aspiring photographer plans to tell Chloe Moretz how miserable and wretched he is without her. The insider added that the young star is hoping to spend few holiday breaks with her to appease the situation. He knew that long distance relationship is not easy and requires effort, but he is allegedly willing to give their relationship another try.

The source also said that Beckham is planning to devote himself in a skiing holiday with Moretz at Christmas. He has thought of spending few European city breaks as well.

Yet it seems like Chloe Moretz has already spared ample of time for the holiday too. According to Evening Standard, the 19-year-old actress reportedly canceled all the upcoming film projects.

Following the split, the Kick-Ass star said that she needs to “slow down.” She then emptied her schedule to reassess who she is and find herself within her roles again. As known, the actress started to star in movies since she was seven years old.

With Moretz’s break from filming, it appears like she and Brooklyn Beckham have a lot of time to patch things up and rekindle the romance. The reason of the said split was still never clear since neither of them commented of who dumped who and why.

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