Eminem Latest News: Slim Shady Loses Guinness World Record; Bollywood Artist Disses Rapper’s Music?


Rapper Eminem loses his Guinness World title to a different rapper. Meanwhile, Bollywood artist Badshah admits he was never Slim Shady’s fan.

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According to International Business Times AU, Eminem aka Marshall Mathers III has lost one of his world records to fellow rapper Harry Shotta. Furthermore, the said record has the maximum words in a hit single.


Shotta achieved this with his 2015 song Animal which had 1,771 words under a six-minute and nine-second track. This ultimately defeats Slim Shady’s track Rap God which contains 1,560 words and is roughly five seconds shorter than Shotta’s song.

Another rapper, Ocean Wisdom, also tried to compete for the record with his song Walkin. The said song has 932 words under three minutes 47 seconds.

It is also worth noting that Mathers dropped out of the Forbes 100 Celebrity List. Nonetheless, he is still known as one of the 10 top-earning hip-hop acts of the decade.

Similarly, the rapper still keeps the record of the fastest rap speed at 4.28 words per second. Meanwhile, Shotta follows closely behind at 4.79 per second.

In other news, Hindustan Times reports that Bollywood rapper Badshah was never a fan of Slim Shady‘s works. Furthermore, he believes that Mathers is nothing special.

Badshah admitted not being able to relate to the rapper’s songs and lyrics. Additionally, the Bollywood rapper does not like Mathers’ type of music.

However, the Badshah is fond of the American boy band Backstreet Boys. He has been listening to the group since he was a child and personally loves the song Get Down (You’re the One for Me). Moreover, the song was his main inspiration in becoming an artist.

The Bollywood artist knows that his statement might offend fans of the rapper. Even so, he is not afraid to express his opinion about Mathers and his music.

Eminem has yet to comment about releasing a new album. Fans can listen to his songs on his 2013 album The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

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