Eminem New Album 2016 Update: 'Lose Yourself' Artist Sues National Party, 'Rap God' Almost Got Killed?


Eminem is allegedly suing the National Party for using his Lose Yourself track for their campaign video.

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According to Stuff.co.nz, Eminem’s hit song Lose Yourself has been used by the NZ National Party in their 2014 rowing campaign video. The publisher of the Rap God artist is now suing the Party over the use of the rapper’s music.


The publisher of the Love the Way You Lie artist, Eight Mile Style, claimed its copyright for the original song of the legendary music maker. The music company argued with the National Party’s use of the rapper’s music as it is very close to the tune of Lose Yourself.

“The National Party obviously disagrees with the action, and will defend our position as outlined in the media statement of 16 September 2014,” said Greg Hamilton, the National Party secretary back in February last year.

Apparently, the National Party claimed that it might have acquired the license from companies which were given the rights in representing music from all parts of the world. Yet Joel Martin, the lawyer of [Eminem’s] publishers, said that the party unveiled they were unaware of the links to the rapper.

“They licensed this from a company who offered it as Eminem-eske, and the National Party were looking for something very specifically like Lose Yourself,” Martin said during that time.

The court case between Eight Mile Style and the NZ National Party is expected to last for three weeks.

In another Eminem-related report, HipHopDX reported that the Cleaning Out My Closet rapper had an almost head-to-head battle with his former bodyguard, Byron “Big Naz” Williams.

Williams said in an interview that the last time he saw the rapper, they both had their weapons in their hands. He even claimed that he helped the rapper acquire the registration of that gun, as he had no money to pay for it.

Eminem is yet to respond to the allegations of his former bodyguard as of this date. Fans are still waiting for an update about his new music and album.

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