Published On: Wed, Sep 14th, 2016

'Girl Meets World' Rowan Blanchard Blasts Co-Star Uriah Shelton Due to Feminism Issue

Girl Meets World star Rowan Blanchard is, once again, rumored to be in a feud with another co-star. The actress allegedly dissed Uriah Shelton for his anti-feminism remarks on social media.

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Previously, there was a report claiming that Blanchard’s ill attitude towards other actors is causing the delay of a new season. It was even claimed that the show might be canceled due to the actress’ behavior on set, particularly when dealing with Sabrina Carpenter.


Although the young actress has proven to the public how close she is with her co-stars, another feud rumor has bubbled up the surface. According to M-Magazine, it looks like Rowan Blanchard does not like everyone in the cast of Girl Meets World.

Known for being outspoken, Blanchard has been honest and real when she answered who exactly among the cast members she has that kind-of-sort-of-drag. The star may have hinted on Instagram that it was Uriah Shelton, who played Riley’s uncle, Josh Matthews.

The tabloid noted that it all started on Instagram. Blanchard’s fans flooded her comments section and remarked that she should “end Uriah.” It came after the actor liked a post about a society that does not need “feminism.” There were also instances that he has posted photos and commentaries that followers believed to be insensitive.

Furthermore, some of his remarks did not coincide with the young actress’ positive outlook in life. Because of that, the fans took to Instagram to defend Blanchard and the feminism issue as well.

It is known that she has been using her social media platform to raise awareness about some major issues in the society. With such enthusiasm, fans admired her even more. So when they asked her to comment on Uriah’s remarks, she reportedly said that “his actions are not worth her precious time.”

The publication has saved and shared a part of the comments  that showed the actress’ reply.

Blanchard did not see her voicing out of thoughts as a problem. It might be that the issue did not matter at all, but one comment definitely meant a lot. Despite such comment, the tabloid, then stated that Shelton and the young star remained professionals at work despite the social media backlash.

Meanwhile, New York Magazine interviewed Rowan Blanchard about her stand on feminism. The actress seemed to understand how gender discrimination has become an important issue nowadays. She said that Emma Watson’s speech at the United Nations gathering helped open her mind to the truth.

The 14-year-old actress admitted that she simply defined feminism before as equality between men and women. But as she delved deeper, she realized how broad and deep it was. Today, Blanchard delineates feminism not only as a fight for women’s right. She implied, too that it is also about defending disabled individuals, people of color and the LGBT community against bigotry, racism and gender inequality.

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