Published On: Mon, Sep 19th, 2016

Grace VandeerWaal Hailed as 'America’s Got Talent' Season 11 Champion: Did She Really Deserve It?

After the two-hour season finale and out of all the ten acts, only one emerged victorious – Grace VandeerWaal, a twelve-year-old ukulele-playing prodigy who compose her own set of songs and has a wonderful voice likened to Taylor Swift. She won a $ 1 million cash prize.

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In an article written by CNN, it was mentioned that the show announced that she will also be a headliner “inside the PH Showroom at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on October 27-29.”


Spectators of the show were not astonished by the results as she was one of the best contestants who fought her way until the end. This season also made history, with NBC concluding it has gained the greatest amount of votes from the audience since it started.

However, amidst millions of praises to VandeerWaal, a different perspective was posted at Hollywood Life stating that there were also many people who opposed the results of the show. They just do not see a 12-year old performing in Vegas and with a large amount of money, how would she manage that?

Perhaps, Grace VandeerWaal is not yet ready for Vegas, considering her age and without her winning the show, she is set to be a pop star in the future. The article also mentioned that many fans were disappointed because they thought The Clairvoyants (1st runner-up) would definitely receive the show in Vegas as their image and talent fit into what the Planet Hollywood wants. The commentary even went as far as saying that VandeerWaal is better off being on stage in a “beachside venue” or “coffeehouse”.

VandeerWaal also shared with Hollywood Life that she has no idea what it takes to be a millionaire and at the moment, she could only think of purchasing a treehouse with her money. Are you convinced now that there are much more deserving competitors in the show?

If not, the write-up continued saying that America’s Got Talent turned into a “singing competition” instead of looking for other unique talents. Throughout the history of the show, the list of winners are dominated by singers and it is quite a disturbing fact when there are a lot of shows specifically catered to find singing talents. The point of the commentary is that perhaps AGT should give a chance of spotlight to other abilities.

But even with the criticisms from the netizens, it does not change the fact that majority voted for VandeerWaal and nothing, not even harsh statements can change it.

Do you agree with Grace VandeerWaal being hailed as America’s Got Talent Season 11 winner? Leave your comments below.

Photo Source: America’s Got Talent Official Instagram

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