Published On: Tue, Sep 13th, 2016

Jaden Smith Dead? Will Smith’s Son Thinks Death Hoax Is ‘Badge Of Honor’?

Fans were shocked when a report claimed that Jaden Smith is dead after committing suicide. The young actor, on the other hand, consider  the death hoax as a sign that he should use his time to make a huge change.

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“Jaden is a very unique person and he is seeing this as a sign that people care about him and he should use the time he has on earth to make a difference,” the source said to Hollywood Life.


The source further said that the death hoax did not affect Will Smith’s son, but instead, he is using the distasteful rumor as a “badge of honor.”

It was rumored recently that the Karate Kid star is dead after taking his own life. But the report was proven to be untrue.

By all accounts, the Smiths have been the favorite subject of various tabloid stories lately. For instance, amid of the young actor’s death hoax, a report has claimed that his girlfriend Sarah Snyder cheated on him when a picture of her in bed with another man leaked online.

Furthermore, his parents Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have been the subject of divorce rumor. Nevertheless, the Suicide Squad actor has spoken with The Sun and admitted that he and his wife indeed experienced marital problems but they sorted things out with the help of counseling.

Following the Hollywood couple’s divorce rumor, the Hancock actor was accused of being gay. It was rumored that he was having an affair with his male friend.

Despite the nasty rumors thrown at their family, the young Smith seems unperturbed by everything. In fact, he keeps on facing the world with his girlfriend, Snyder, by his side.

Recently, Jaden Smith was also spotted with his dad amid speculation that the older Smith is having an affair with a male friend. The young lad looked so relax while making his way out of the Narita International Airport in Japan.

Photo source: Instagram

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