Published On: Mon, Sep 19th, 2016

Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck Latest News: Garner Pressuring Actor to Stop Dating? Jennifer Lopez, Affleck Rekindling Relationship?

Is Jennifer Garner telling Ben Affleck to stop dating and focus on his family instead? Meanwhile, will Jennifer Lopez get back with the actor to boost her career?

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According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, actress Jennifer Garner is pressuring Ben Affleck to choose either his love life or his family. It seems as though she might be jealous of his recent active love life.


Because of this, the actress is allegedly warning him about his dating decisions. Moreover, she is supposedly even trying to make him feel guilty about dating again.

The couple is reportedly living together despite Garner’s decision to end their marriage over a year ago. However, sources claim that she is still manipulating him and their relationship. It is worth noting that Affleck wanted to leave the actress because of her devious actions in the first place.

Similarly, a source claimed that the actress believed that they would get back together again. For this reason, she is having a difficult time coping with his dating life. The two recently had another fight with the actor telling her to “back off.”

In a different note, she might want to stay in their relationship to preserve her “good girl” image. This could be because she relies on that certain representation to keep herself in the media. It might seem as though their career depends on their relationship despite the couple’s emotions.

On the other hand, Gossip Cop debunks the rumor about singer Jennifer Lopez being pressured back into a relationship with the actor. Additionally, she is not using the actor in any way to boost back her career. The two have no secret relationship whatsoever and a source stated that the rumor is “ridiculous” and “stupid.”

Jennifer Garner and her husband are currently living together amidst news about their divorce. Meanwhile, there has been no further reports about the actor officially dating other women as of now.

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