Published On: Mon, Sep 19th, 2016

Louis Tomlinson, One Direction Latest News: 'Perfect' Singer Homophobic? Tomlinson Blocks 'Gay' Couple Name on Instagram Feed

One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson tried to ban a homosexual couple name on his Instagram. Meanwhile, more pictures of his baby surfaced on the internet.

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According to Metro, Louis Tomlinson blocked the word “Larry” from appearing on his Instagram feed. This “couple” name stems back to homosexual fan fiction aka fanfics between One Direction members Harry Styles and Tomlinson. Some fans are fond of pairing members of the band despite them actually being straight.


Because of this, the One Direction singer censored that specific name by using a tool that singer Taylor Swift uses too. In spite of this, some fans found an alternative way to continue harassing Tomlinson and his Instagram feed.

Some followers began to use another fanfic term “Houis” which still uses both singers’ names. On the other hand, fans tried spelling Larry in different ways like “L A R R Y,” “L4rry” and “‘Lârry.”

The singer has yet to find a different solution to block pesky internet users from invading his social media account. However, it seems as though they might just find another loophole again.

In other news, Unreality TV reports that more photos of the Tomlinson’s baby are surfacing on the net. The nine-month-old baby, Freddie, continues to captivate netizens with his cute smile.

In the past, many fans believed that the baby was not even real. Some even believed that the baby was a doll judging by his early photos. Furthermore, other followers believed that the baby was just a tactic to hide the real relationship between Styles and Tomlinson.

Needless to say, the theories were debunked over time as more pictures and videos began appearing on the internet. Nevertheless, the baby’s mother, Briana Jungwirth, was still upset over the silly speculations that fans created.

Louis Tomlinson nor Styles has not made any confirmation about being in a romantic relationship. However, he has also not made any claims about hating or fearing homosexuals.

NEW pic of Freddie

He so cute I'm in love

— 1D updates (@1DAllUpdateess) September 15, 2016

VIDEO of Freddie today

— 1D updates (@1DAllUpdateess) September 13, 2016

Photo Source: Facebook

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