Published On: Wed, Sep 14th, 2016

Nick Viall to Star on the Next ‘The Bachelor’; Comeback Could Be a Disastrous Choice?

“Try and try until you succeed,” the saying goes. Would this well-known, old motto be suitable for Nick Viall who is returning to The Bachelor franchise next year for the fourth time?

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The famous reality TV program, The Bachelor, will feature Viall as the star of the show. According to The Verge, he also showed up on The Bachelorette, the counterpart program of The Bachelor. During his stay for two separate seasons, he managed to be the runner-up on both but got rejected by two different ladies.


Moreover, Viall also showed up on Bachelor in Paradise wherein previous participants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette gathered to spend more days in a resort. He was able to get to the proposal stage on the last episode of the season. However, Viall decided against bending the knee upon asking the girl he had been dating for less than a month.

Now, the former competitor becomes the prize girls on the show will try on win over.  However, the game “would seem unfair” and “a little bit dangerous” if the show will keep their usual approach. Nick Viall will be dealing with women younger and less experienced than him if it’s going to be the case

On the contrary, it might work more if the show is going to feature the previous contestants on the Bachelor who could be more secure, brilliant and “equally experienced.” The next The Bachelor ought to be an All Stars season.

Additionally, Nick Viall, as reported by the International Business Times, was seen shooting the opening of The Bachelor around Waukesha, Wisconsin, his hometown. He was also noticed at Riverwalk, downtown and the coffee shop, The Steaming Cup.

It was also reported that he broke up with Jen Saviano, his co-star in Bachelor in Paradise, when he received an offer for the next season.

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