Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder Latest News: 'The Final Girls' Actress' Comeback Threatens Ian Somerhalder-Nikki Reed Relationship?


Nina Dobrev is rumored to be getting physically ready for her return to The Vampire Diaries while Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are said to be pushing through with divorce. Does Dobrev’s return threaten the Somerhalder-Reed relationship?

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Nina Dobrev posted pictures of herself along with others covered in mud and posted a video in the middle of completing a challenge. The Tough Mudder challenge is located in Toronto, Canada. According to the Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Dobrev, who was in Team Mudholes, was able to go through a tough obstacle course.


There had been some speculations about Dobrev’s comeback to the series. Remember that “cry out for help” at the end of the last season? There has been an assumption too that it is not actually an SOS signal but a beacon to trap Damon on a perilous circumstance.

In addition to this, rumor says that Dobrev will not be coming back for just one role. It has also been a recent talk that she will return to play Katherine. Having these two roles must be quite tough, challenging the actress to be flexible.

Aside from being physically fit for work, Nina might have signed up for the challenge to test her mental ability as well. If she’s going to return, she’ll need that to do some scenes with her former lover, Ian Somerhalder.

On the other hand, Somerhalder and wife Reed had been rumored to have filed for divorce which they had denied. According to FX News Call, even before Nina Dobrev’s rumored comeback on The Vampire Diaries surfaced, the couple had been on a rough road. It also said that it even leads to Reed thinking about separating.

Additionally, Reed is said to be just waiting for the series to end the next year before filing divorce. This is to avoid controversy and “to give time to fans” to be grateful for the return of Nina Dobrev to the series.

The next season of The Vampire Diaries airs October 21, Friday, 8 p.m. ET on CW.


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