Published On: Wed, Sep 14th, 2016

One Direction Niall Horan News: Instagram Hacked on Birthday; Simon Cowell Showing Signs of Favoritism?

One Direction singer Niall Horan had his Instagram hacked on his birthday. Furthermore, is Simon Cowell showing signs of favoritism for some members of the boy band?

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According to, one fan decided to hack the Instagram of this One Direction singer on his birthday. Niall Horan noticed some peculiar posts on his social media account which prompted him to take action.


He shifted to Twitter and told his 26.9 million fans that “something mad” was happening with his Instagram account. Moreover, he added that the hackers tagged themselves while breaking into his account.

At the time, Horan’s Instagram bio read as, “TEAM.ERROR.4.0.4” and also had strange Snapchat photos and videos belonging to “Mr. Control and DR.HuraBii.” It is also worth noting that the hackers left their Instagram photos on the singer’s account in the process.

Now, the artist has his account back to normal and his fans are storming the cyber criminals. Aside from this, they are also sending their love for the singer and are telling him to enjoy his special day.

One fan tweeted that he should get drunk and forget the hackers while greeting him a happy birthday. Another sent a similar tweet with the hashtag “RespectNiall.” Horan thanked his fans and told them it is going to be a “big week of messin.”

In other news, Simon Cowell continues to praise Harry Styles and his upcoming film Dunkirk, as per Unreality TV. The X Factor judge claimed that Styles is a “great guy” and knows that he will do well.

On the other hand, Cowell might have felt betrayed with Horan and Liam Payne for signing with rival record labels. Furthermore, he claimed that they did not inform him of their decision to choose a different label. Because of this, Simon might seem to be favoring Styles and Louis Tomlinson for staying with Sony.

There has been no official news or confirmation about a possible One Direction reunion. However, the question stands on how Cowell would react to Niall Horan and Liam Payne if the group is to come back together again.

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