Sylvester Stallone Dead: When Was the 'Expendables' Actor Last Seen?


For a couple of months, many rumors that emerge in the world of web have claimed that a certain personality has passed away. Most recently, Sylvester Stallone became the victim of the death hoax made by the internet trolls.

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After the reports of Jaden Smith and Angelina Jolie’s death, it seemed like the bogus news site was not contented. It even allegedly stated that the reports came from the US news site, CNN. However, the claim was again debunked.


According to, a scam message falsely reported that the 70-year-old Hollywood actor was found dead at his home in Los Angeles. It made its rounds on social media, particularly on Facebook in September. There were even images of the said breaking news, featuring the supposed actor in a body bag while being moved away on a gurney.

Furthermore, the tabloid noted that the same website made the fraudulent messages about the celebrities’ death hoax. Others who have been caught in the chain were Paul McCartney, Nicholas Cage, Vin Diesel, John Cena and Jim Carrey.

The website swirled the misinformation in an attempt to lure people into giving away their personal information. The scam, with a click-bait title, has been posted on Facebook. Those who are interested to read the article have to click the link, but they are redirected to a request to view their profile first.

Nonetheless, the death rumors were all made-up. The action star Sylvester Stallone has been active recently on social media. He posted on August 30 a photo of himself on an astounding motorcycle.

Thus, Stallone is alive and well. He  still  even has that Rocky physique and flaunted his healthy body despite his growing age. In an Instagram post three days ago, the actor shared a video of himself together with his daughters while inside the car. Some pictures of Stallone with his friends were also posted on social media, proving that he is not dead.

Since the actor was seen after the death rumors swirled online,  he is alive and kicking. The “Sylvester Stallone Dead” reports are confirmed false.

Photo source: Nicolas Genin via Wikimedia Commons

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