Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston Split: ‘Thor’ Actor Looking for New Relationship? ‘Bad Blood’ Singer Writes New Album?


Tom Hiddleston is already looking for new love after Hiddleswift had ended. Has the actor already moved on from his recent break up with Taylor Swift?

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Actor Tom Hiddleston is ready to meet his dream girl at the Emmy’s, according to Hollywood Life. It is said that the actor has a big chance of winning an Emmy.


Moreover, Hiddleston is ready to have some fun and meet a lady during the party. It is said that the actor has no problem chasing whoever he encounters this coming week and weekend. Also, Hiddleston is not worried at all for the show and he will answer if ever love came knocking on his door.

Meanwhile, Hiddleston‘s ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift, has also done the same. It is reported that Swift is seeing Zac Efron and that the singer cannot stop mentioning him.

Swift said that she never got the nerve to act on what she is feeling even if she feels a strong bond with him. However, she had finally reached out to the actor and made some arrangements to go out and eat dinner together.

It seems like it was just yesterday when Hiddleston and Swift’s relationship blossomed. Now, three months later, they had already broken up and are ready to look for their new partners.

On the other hand, what can fans expect from the singer now that her relationship is done? Is the singer writing a new album?

According to FX News Call, Swift has now returned to the studio to draft songs for her new album. It is reported that her relationship with Hiddleston is one of the prominent themes.

The singer has already contacted her former producers and songwriters such as Greg Kurstin, Jack Antonoff, Shellback, Max Martin and Nathan Chapman to work with her on this project.

Tom Hiddleston seemed to be one of Swift’s inspirations in writing a song. But does the actor regard her as an inspiration too and will he take the opportunity to thank her if ever he receives an Emmy?


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