Published On: Fri, Sep 16th, 2016

Teresa Castillo 'General Hospital' News: Actress Bitter About Sabrina's Death? Castillo Reveals Feelings After Leaving Show

Actress Teresa Castillo is leaving General Hospital after four years on the show. She opens up about her feelings about her long-rumored exit.

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Rumors about fan favorite character Sabrina Santiago’s death have finally come true as Paul (Richard Burgi) took her life. For this reason, actress Teresa Castillo is taking her leave after four long years.


The actress reveals that executive producer Frank Valentini told her of Sabrina’s death around two months prior to the scene, as per TV Source Magazine (blog). Castillo admitted that it was a bittersweet moment since she loves her character Sabrina and General Hospital.

In spite of this, she claimed that actors should learn not to get too attached to their jobs. Because of this, she thanked the executive producer for all of his hard work. It seems as though the actress took the news of Sabrina dying quite well.

Long-time General Hospital fans can remember her joining the show back in 2012. There, she portrayed the shy and kind nurse, Sabrina Santiago. At the time, she was in love with Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson).

Sabrina was also the one who brought back the famous Nurses’ Ball with Felix (Marc Samuel) and Lucy (Lynn Herring). Later on, she changed her nerdy appearance to something more striking which won Patrick over. However, their romance was short-lived due to many complications.

She then lost control of her life and left her job. On the other hand, she met her new lover Michael (Chad Duell). According to Blasting News, he was ready to propose and live a happy life with Sabrina.

In spite of this, she lost her own life before she could walk down the aisle. Now, Michael will have to walk beside a coffin for her burial.

Teresa Castillo has no current projects of now. Fans of the actress can revisit her role as Sabrina on General Hospital.

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