Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid News: Model Slams 'Pillowtalk' Singer's Ex Perrie Edwards?


Top model Gigi Hadid claims in her latest interview that for the first time ever, she and Zayn Malik are experiencing a refreshing relationship where they have mutual interests not related to their jobs. The supermodel  narrates that they both cook together, engage themselves in art and crafts, and most of all, they consider each other  best friends.

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In an interview with ES magazine via J-14 Magazine, she admitted that she finds her boyfriend’s brain appealing the most. She just cannot stop sharing all the good things in their relationship. She even confessed her growing love for British cuisine, subtly admitting that they are really perfect together.


“I’m loving Heinz baked beans in the morning,” she said and added that Z (her term of endearment to Zayn) cooks for her and his specialty dish is none other than butter chicken. He even cooks a lavish curry for her, what a lucky girl!

She proclaimed that the Pillowtalk singer is doing well in “representing British boys”. Good job Zayn!

Her recent statements caused people to consider her answers as a public announcement that she has a better bond with Zayn compared to his ex.

So, did Malik and Edwards break up because they only have worked for their mutual interest? If so, it really came out as a revelation for everyone.

Looking back, Zerrie looked great together! However, with all the loved up posts of Gigi Hadid and Malik, it is no wonder she thinks that she has a stronger relationship in contrast with Zerrie’s pairing.

They might not be the most outspoken couple, but when they do post on social media, they only have sweet things to say to each other. Whether her comments from the interview are meant to throw some shade or not, she’s definitely happy and proud with her current relationship.

In the same interview, Cosmopolitan wrote that she also stated how significant it is to have her own “squad” (in her case she’s part of Taylor Swift’s squad). It is vital to have people in the same industry who can comprehend what she’s going through. She also shared that they “teach and learn from one another”.

Way to go Gigi Hadid’s squad!

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