Published On: Fri, Sep 16th, 2016

‘Agents of SHIELD’ Season 4: Agent Coulson Happy About Demotion? New Character to Take His Post?

Clark Gregg made comments about his character, Phil Coulson, and his demotion on the series Agents of SHIELD. Meanwhile, new characters are going to be introduced in the new season.

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Pertaining to his character on Agents of SHIELD, Clark Gregg said that Phil Coulson does not mind being demoted. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Coulson will be replaced by Jason O’Mara’s character whose name is not yet revealed.


Gregg narrated that he just found out who is going to be the new director when O’Mara appeared on the set. He remembered his line in last season’s epilogue wherein he said, “I better tell the director.” Gregg asked the writers about his character’s fortune and they confirmed that Coulson is really losing his job but exposed nothing more.

Moreover, Gregg also showed support to the writers regarding his character’s journey. He remarked that what they have made is “cool,” noting that SHIELD is stepping out of the shadow.

The actor also said that his character is happy about the demotion. He said that Coulson is fonder of working as a field agent. He said that he shared his character’s dislike of just listening while his subordinates go out on a mission.

While everyone is busy making an assumption of who is going to take over the director post, the series’ writers had already cooked up something. Instead of getting someone from the show, they chose to introduce a new character. Although O’Mara’s role is still being kept a secret, the only clue that they gave is that he has a “Marvel roots that go back to the 1940s.”

On the other hand, according to another report by The Hollywood Reporter,  a new character will join the gang. Ghost Rider will be appearing on the next season.

Played by actor Gabriel Luna, ABC will introduce the other version of the Marvel character. Instead of adapting the famous Johnny Blazer, the series will present the less famous iteration of Robbie Reyes. This other version just had his first appearance in March 2014, compared to Johnny Blazer who had been known in the comics since 1972.

Catch the first episode of Agents of SHIELD Season 4 on September 20, Tuesday, with its new time slot at 10 p.m. on ABC.



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