Published On: Mon, Sep 12th, 2016

Harry Styles 2016: Simon Cowell Prefers One Direction Styles, Louis Tomlinson Than Niall Horan, Liam Payne

The X Factor boss Simon Cowell apparently preferred One Direction singers Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson to Liam Horan and Liam Payne. He even gushed about Styles acting career in the World War II drama film, Dunkirk.

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The 22-year-old star has just wrapped up filming his first ever movie. With his endeavor, his bandmates commended him for his skills. Other actors also praised him for showing professionalism when it comes to the film industry, despite being new in the arena.


But most of all, the man behind One Direction band, Simon Cowell, expressed positive thoughts towards Styles. Even though the star left the music world to embark  the other field, Cowell still admired the singer for being loyal to the label.

According to Unreality TV, the renowned talent judge has also heard good things about the 1D singer’s debut on big screen. In an interview on the red carpet, Front Row Live Entertainment asked Cowell if he had seen the trailer of the movie yet. He then said no but he gushed about the compliments that Harry Styles received from other stars.

When asked about the singer’s acting career, Cowell admitted that he heard Styles soars in the field. He went on to explain that he knew some of the people who worked on the film and was informed that he is incredible. He enthusiastically said that the 1D star will do well since he is a great guy.

However, the music mogul’s remarks about Styles was in contrast with what he commented about Horan and Payne’s solo flight. The tabloid noted that Cowell felt betrayed when the two signed deals with a rival company. Aside from that, he was more dismayed that the singers did not bother to inform him before going public with their decision.

Unlike the others, Styles, remained with the Sony family and signed a deal with Columbia Records. Cowell then supported the singer’s choice. Louis Tomlinson, on the other side, got the favor of the judge. He also stayed with the same label and has started making his own record label imprint.

Hollywood Life reported that Kendall Jenner has caught the attention of Styles although they are not in a relationship yet. The tabloid stated that the model is not putting pressure on the singer to commit but it seemed like that is actually part of her plan.

A source told the outlet hat Jenner has not compelled Styles to be in a relationship. Because of that, he reportedly wants to be with her regularly. The tabloid reported that the beauty could be using a “reverse psychology” to win the star.

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles remain mum on the romance rumors about them.

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