Published On: Mon, Sep 12th, 2016

‘One Punch Man’ English Dub Reveals Cast for Episodes 7 to 12, Will Barrett to Voice Silverfang

The blog post of Viz media unveils the One Punch Man English dub anime cast for the characters who appear in the series’ episode 7 to 12. Will Barrett is cast as the class S and rank 3 hero Silverfang in episode 7.

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According to Anime News Network, the anime’s episode 7 also introduces Taylor Henry as Metal Knight, Joshua Tomar as Tank-top Blackhole, Chris Tergliafera as Tan-top Tiger. For episode 8-9, Keith Silverstein plays the role of Deep Sea King, Chis Hackney as Stinger and Ben Pronsky as Lightning Max.


One Punch Man English dub version also cast Kyle Hebert as Atomic Samurai, Sara Cravens as Child Emperor, Rich Brown as King, Vernon Dew as Zombieman, Zeno Robinson as Superalloy Blackluster, Lex Lang as Flashy Flash, Patrick Seitz as Tank-top Master, Sam Regal as Metal Bat, Todd Haberkorn as Drive Knight, Xander Thorton as Sitch, Vic Mignogna as Melzargard, Brian Beacock as Geryuganshoop and Chris Jai Alex as Boros.

According to, the anime follows the story of unmotivated Saitama who wants to live a normal life. The main protagonist is looking for a job when he sees a monster teasing a kid.

Driven by his hero instinct, Saitama mercilessly kills the villain. Apart from Saitama’s dream of having a simple life, he also wants to become a hero.

As the main protagonist pursues this childhood goal, he trains for three years. Saitama indicates that his immense exercise causes his head to go bald.

Due to this, Saitama has become incredibly strong that it only takes him one punch to defeat his enemy. However, Saitama no longer enjoys the drill due to the fact that none of his opponents seem be on par with him.

ONE’s original web comic One Punch Man was first adapted into anime in Japan. Later on, Adult Swim announced that One Punch Man English dub is coming in Toonami on July 16, 2016.

Photo Source: One Punch Man Official Website

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