'Orange Is the New Black' Season 5 Spoilers: Daya Gets an Unlikely Ally in John Bennett?


There have been some indications about the possibility of Daya getting an extension on her sentence in Orange is the New Black Season 5. Meanwhile, there is some time for the show to return for its fifth installment.

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Yes, the show is not likely to air before next year and yet the big query that might be hovering in everyone’s mind is whether Daya will be in a fix or not.


The possibility cannot be ruled out entirely though not much is being announced as far as the show’s plot is concerned for the upcoming season.

According to International Business Times India Edition, there have been some spoilers  indicating that the Netflix’s Season 5 may showcase gloomy days ahead of Daya (Dascha Polanco) along with many of the other inmates.

Will Daya’s sentence be extended in Orange is the New Black Season 5?  The previous season ended with a major cliffhanger when Daya was seen raising her gun at Humphrey (Michael Torpey).

Violence has never been a part of Daya’s personality prior to this incident and so chances are there that she could be treated harshly and be even packed off to SHU.

Will one of the main spotlights of Season 5 be on Daya being confined to a solitary cell? Or will she get an ally to help her out from her grim situation?

Again there have been some talks about John Bennett (Matt McGorry) being her savior in the new season to extend support while she could be going through a trying time in Litchfield.

There has been no official confirmation from the actor about whether he would be reprising his role in the upcoming season or not but there have been some discussions about it when he posted one of his pictures in L.A. with Laverne Cox, his co-star.

At the same time, even if John Bennett returns in Season 5, there is no certainty of him falling in love with Daya once again.

McGorry was speaking to Bustle when he said that the end of the relationship between Daya and his character was not inappropriate and so was his disappearance. He did not seem to be sure about his character’s return in the new installment either.

Orange is the New Black Season 5 is expected to premiere sometime in 2017.


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