Published On: Wed, Sep 14th, 2016

‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Ultra Beasts Revelation Results in Several Mystifying Theories

The mysterious Ultra Beasts that fans are expecting to encounter in the upcoming game Pokemon Sun and Moon are now rumored to be non-Pokemon. Nonetheless, learning about these creatures excites players resulting to different theories popping out.

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A previous report introduces a special addition to the game called Ultra Beasts. The official website for Pokemon Sun and Moon claims that both humans and Pokemon fear these creatures.


The Ultra Beasts possess mighty powers that pose big threats to Pokemon and humans. One of these stealthy creatures is called UB-01. Its body is said to be composed of a glass-like substance.

Despite this, the UB-01 shape is constantly changing. UB-01 has a very good instinct that allows it to survive. In a general sense, no one can decipher whether the Ultra Beast UB-01 have the ability to think or even have emotions.

For an unknown reason, UB-01’s movements are said to bear a resemblance to a young girl. Due to these simple descriptions, some fans come up with their own theories about the Ultra Beast.

According to Polygon, the revelation of UB-02 Expansion and UB-02 Beauty in CoroCoro convince game enthusiasts that the Ultra Beasts are actually humans in disguise.

Since the Ultra Beast UB-02 remind fans of the newly introduced character Lusamine, there assumptions that these creatures might be humans. Not to mention, Lusamine is the president of the Aether Foundation, a research facility that studies Pokemon and other types of monsters.

More than that, some players also point out that the other blonde game characters match with the Ultra Beasts. Likewise, a number of fans suspect Professor Kukui’s assistant Lillie also resembles the first introduced Ultra Beast, UB-01.

The UB-02, on the other hand, looks similar to Gladion of Team Skull and the Pokemon Type-Null’s partner. Specifically, the color of UB-02’s body appears to be the same as Gladion’s.

There are several possibilities that might connect to the Ultra Beasts. Even so, new updates can only say for sure what these creatures are made or fans might find out about them once Pokemon Sun and Moon is released.

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