'Poldark' Star Aidan Turner Turns Episode Two an 'Absolute Chaos' After Lack of Topless Scenes


Fans of the Poldark star Aidan Turner were not impressed with episode 2 of the brand new season after the actor failed to flaunt a topless body. The lack of the sexy scenes caused an outburst on social media as the viewers expressed their disappointment.

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In the season one, there has been a feast and celebration of the fans after the hunk showed off his chiselled body. He even caught the attention of the James Bond’s punters, causing him to be named  another prospect 007 on the next film.


According to OK! Magazine, the second episode of the new series of Poldark was not enough for some fans despite the drama and new-fangled scenes. It seemed like they are more concerned about seeing the lead character of Aidan Turner, Ross, stripping. The question about why he decided not to take off his clothes in the season two remains controversial among them.

Although the latest episode offered tense scenes with Ross’ life at stake, some of the fans still tried to insist that he has to strip. They took to Twitter to give remarks hoping that the second season would be like the previous show.

One of the followers commented that there only four minutes left but still no “top off.” Another exclaimed that she was not happy that Aidan Turner had a shirt on all throughout the episode. A demanding fan also wrote, “Get your top off.”

As comments flooded the social media, a fan added that the scenes in episode two were “chaos.” Meanwhile, Mirror.co.uk reported that the actor impressed one of his co-stars even the viewers were not happy.

Poldark actress Caroline Blakiston, who played Aunty Agatha in the series, said that she finds some of the intimate scenes inappropriate. Speaking to The Sun, the 83-year-old star explained she does not want to look at people having sex, although viewers would like to.

She added that it is up to the fans if they want to see those scenes but for her, sex should be done privately. She said that she would not want to do it in public.

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