Published On: Sat, Sep 10th, 2016

‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 3 Spoilers: Anime to Stream Without Censorship for Gore Scenes, Kaneki as O.E.K?

The writer of the series previously explained that Tokyo Ghoul season 3 will  have more gory scenes and will not be censored. On the other side of the coin, a rumor suggests that Kaneki Ken will become the next O.E.K or One-Eyed King.

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From a previous report, the anime writer disclosed that the next installment will show the violent uncensored scenes, so fans may expect to see beheadings of characters and gory blood spills.


There will be no supporting black lights or blur effects to censor the events. The writer also informed anime enthusiasts that the third season of the anime will have the darkest concept among all Tokyo Ghoul series.

A MAD (also known as Anime Music Video) or a fan-made video on YouTube shows glimpses of the said bloody displays that may appear on the anime’s third installment.

Just to be clear, the video is composed of photos and motion pictures from the previous anime seasons. Thus, the scenes on the fan-made video will not appear on the next installment. Still, fans can expect that the graphic images of characters shedding blood and/or are being beheaded may be featured in Tokyo Ghoul season 3.

Apart from this suggestion, a rumor that recently surfaced claims that Kaneki Ken will  gain the title One-Eyed King or better referred to as the king of the ghouls. According to Enstarz, if the third season  faithfully adapts what happens in the manga, this event will definitely be made possible.

In the manga version, Kaneki begins using the name, Haise Sasaki.  Kaneki will slowly  unveil his true identity. Arima helps Kaneki on repossessing his memory.

Arima and Kaneki grow fond of each other’s company, however, the necessary re-match battle occurs. Kaneki and Arima spill blood until the final result transpires. Arima slits his throat.

It is then revealed that Arima is the current One-Eyed King. Arima asks Kaneki to claim that he has killed Arima. With this, Kaneki becomes the O.E.K.

There is still no official announcement with regard to Tokyo Ghoul season 3’s release date. Nonetheless, the next installment is expected to debut this 2016.

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