Hating on Hillary: Republican convention down and dirty


It was also a stark change in tone from the rest of the night, which was filled with anger, attacks and invective toward Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, and President Obama.Closer to home, President Obama is facing increasing criticism for fostering an environment that has further divided this nation, rather than uniting us as he pledged to do, and for weakening the nation on the world stage. As we mentioned yesterday, only eight of the delegates from the state are pledged to vote for Trump on the first ballot tonight. A Marine Corps veteran and co-chair of Donald Trump’s national veterans coalition is under investigation by the Secret Service after saying Hillary Clinton should be “shot for treason”. The two men and Smith all support Trump for president.The double-digit lead for Clinton primarily reflects her substantial advantage among voters in New York City, where she leads by 63 percent to 20 percent. “He’s providing simplistic, easy answers”, Clinton said, adding that she intends to speak to those concerns by offering “a very clear sense of what we can do that will actually produce results, not just demagogic rhetoric”. GOP delegates: Bashing Clinton can’t be only Trump strategy
In this fantasy, Trump would be satisfied with the trappings of the office, while a Republican Congress finally gets to work its will. “Donald insults Mexican immigrants, even an American judge born of Mexican heritage”. Donald Trump demeans women.He told the crowd exactly what most of us Americans are thinking, that Clinton should be locked up after she broke the law with her email server.”It was one of the largest federal cases of its kind at the time”.”Killing police officers is a bad crime”. The Nvidia Titan X graphics card is back and irresponsibly overpowered
Four years ago, Ng helped jumpstart the field of artificial intelligence by using GPUs to build a network of artificial neurons. Jen-Hsun thought that was not doable this in generation of product, but apparently, Brian and his team pulled it off. “For people to try and disparage that speech and say that it was something that it wasn’t is once again politics”, he told Fox News.”He can do this better than anyone else can”, she said, smiling.Clinton also spoke about police brutality at the hands of cops, including the recent killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile in Minnesota and Louisiana. Hillary Clinton continued to campaign for the general election in November.She also announced a nationwide voter mobilisation goal to register and commit to vote more than 3 million voters to be a part of this campaign. Teen Wolf to End After Season Six – First Trailer Released
The actor told us we’ll be seeing what Theo has gone through while he’s been in Hell and how this has affected him as a person. Executive producer and showrunner Jeff Davis announced this on the San Diego Comic-Con panel this Thursday. “Hillary Clinton’s platitudes on gun control and public safety will not ensure an America in which both civilians and law enforcement can feel safe in their own neighborhoods”, said Telly Lovelace, Republican National Committee national director of African-American Initiatives.

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