Published On: Tue, Jul 26th, 2016

NBA Rumors: Chris Bosh cleared to play next season? Heat center hopes new medication convinces management to let him play again

Miami Heat center/power forward Chris Bosh is currently suffering from blood clot threatening him to never play basketball again. However, the two-time NBA champion is not yet giving up and expresses his desire to play for the Heat next season.

According to Barry Jackson of Miami Herald, the latest issue on Chris Bosh’s condition is whether he will continue to use blood thinners or eliminate them altogether. If Bosh comes off his medication this summer, there is a possibility that he will be cleared to play next season.

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However, if he still continues to take blood thinners, his return to the court is still questionable. In the same report, Bosh tried to convince the Heat to allow him to play while taking a new medication. This will be out of his system in 8 to 12 hours, which lessen the risks of playing while taking blood thinners.

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Chris Bosh proposed the same idea last month, but the Heat rejected. The team is obviously prioritizing his health in this kind of situation. Also, this will prevent the Heat from clearing his money off the books to create enough salary cap next year.

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Chris Bosh is undeniably a big loss to the Miami Heat, especially when Dwyane Wade officially joined the Chicago Bulls. This will force Hassan Whiteside to be the focal point of Heat’s offense and become the new face of the Heat’s franchise.

If Chris Bosh will not be allowed to play next season, the Miami Heat has the ability to clear his money off the books while still paying him. This was an effective one year after last time Bosh’ played and will be in February 2017.  This would give them enough salary cap space they can use in 2017 NBA free agency.

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

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