Published On: Tue, Aug 2nd, 2016

NBA Rumors: Three-man trade suggest Nerlens Noel to Nuggets, Kenneth Faried to Raptors and Terrence Ross to 76ers

A three-man trade suggests Nerlens Noel going to the Denver Nuggets, Kenneth Faried to the Toronto Raptors and Terrence Ross to the Philadelphia 76ers to improve their rosters this coming season.

The 76ers are looking to trade some of their big men to balance their rotation in the coming season, according to NBA rumors. The 76ers are being saturated by a big line up and they are considering adding more speed and agility. Thus, trading away Noel would be of sense and same thing with the Nuggets, who are hoping to upgrade their roster by putting Faried on the trading block.

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NBA Trade Rumors: Nuggets acquire Nerlens Noel from 76ers, Kenneth Faried to Raptors in three-way blockbuster deal

— Terrence Ross Hub (@TerrenceRossHub) August 1, 2016

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To make the trade more sensible, they need the Raptors to consider parting ways with Terrence Ross to benefit as well and get an additional rebounder.

It’s a common knowledge that the 76ers are looking to unload some of their big men bringing in Noel and Jahlil Okafor to the trading table while the Nuggets are reportedly determined to let go of Faried. Ross, on the other hand, has quietly developed as a role player and possible a legit start and would be a great addition to the 76ers if the deal gets done.

“The team I heard the most about in terms that they still might have moved up their sleeve other than Boston in Vegas is Denver. His [Faried] salary is that of the best bench player on the team. I think even Denver wants to explore bringing him off the bench,” Zach Lowe told ESPN’s Marc Stein in the Lowe Post podcast.

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With teams seeking to address their needs for the coming season, it would not be hard for them to get into a trade. After drafting Ben Simmons, the 76ers have always been considered a potential trading partner as they would want to address the unbalance in their roster and wanted to add a veteran point guard or even a shooting guard who could guide their young roster.

Toronto Raptors: Should Masai Ujiri Go After Kenneth Faried?

— Terrence Ross Hub (@TerrenceRossHub) July 5, 2016

Whether this NBA rumors would become a reality, it remains to be seen. But evaluating the circumstances brought by the creation of “super teams” in the NBA, it would be wise to consider such trade suggestion.

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