Published On: Thu, Sep 15th, 2016

Hillary Clinton Dead? Presidential Candidate Replaced By a Body Double?

After Hillary Clinton mysteriously left the 9/11 memorial ceremony, the cover-up of her health issues continued. Even the recent rumors claimed that the presidential candidate died and was  replaced by a body double.

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On Sunday, Clinton attended the memorial service despite being diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. Nothing kept the candidate away from appearing in front of the people in New York City.


According to People Magazine, the Democratic representative became a part of the responders during the 9/11 attacks in 2011. Her attendance to the 15th anniversary, a time for commemorating the dreadful incident in which cause the death of the innocent, meant a great deal to her.

Clinton’s campaign spokesperson Brian Fallon said that the United States Secretary was suffering from pneumonia when she graced the service with her presence. Keeping the illness exposed to the  public, the leader continued to display her enthusiasm to the people.

However, she felt ill and was forced to vacate early. Later that day, her doctor  revealed Clinton’s condition. As known, the U.S. Secretary has been criticized for not publicizing her health issues.

Speaking of the reports that Hillary Clinton collapsed at the memorial service, Fallon assured that she never lost consciousness. The spokesman emphasized that the nominee left the event on her own will. He said that the 68-year-old politician felt dizzy as they went out of the premises.

Furthermore, Fallon said that Clinton made calls and even talked to the staff immediately upon being seated in the vehicle. She also ran around at her daughter’s flat and chased her granddaughter.

Fallon asserted that Clinton is someone who breaks a neck, traveled the globe and is “indefatigable.” However, the death rumors swirled on the web. It claimed that the democrat died on September 11 and was replaced by a body double, reported.

The tabloid stated that the website SuperStation95 claimed that Clinton had a health problem and she died after leaving  the 9/11 service. The dubious site then suggested that a body double was seen in New York hours after the politician’s departure from the memorial ceremony.

Adding fuel to the fire, a video clip of ABC7 news made its rounds on the web. It featured the anchorman Joe Torre reportedly saying, “more on Hillary Clinton’s Death.” But then, the tabloid stated that the line seemed edited. It then debunked the report and assured that there is no body double and the politician is not dead.

Photo source: Hillary for America via Wikimedia Commons

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