Published On: Mon, Sep 12th, 2016

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Barack Obama Insult: 'I Never Made That Statement'

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and United States of America President Barack Obama met briefly on Wednesday despite recent allegations that Duterte has blasted Obama with insults. However, Duterte claimed that he did not call Obama a “son of a w—-.”

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Earlier this week, political leader Duterte  caused outrage for giving the said nasty remarks against US President Obama, after he  pledged to inquire about the alleged “extrajudicial killings” imposed by the Philippine government over the war on drugs.


Despite the said insult, the two politicians had a brief encounter during the summit of regional leaders held in Laos, reported. Philippine Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay said that Rodrigo Duterte and Barack Obama met in the holding room, where they were the last people to leave.

Yasay admitted that he was “very happy” that the encounter happened. In a short statement, the White House representative confirmed that Obama had a brief conversation with the Philippine leader before the ASEAN Gala Dinner took place. The leaders were said to have “exchanged pleasantries.”

President Obama called off the planned formal meeting with Duterte ahead of the ASEAN Summit after the reported insult the previous day. The outburst was prompted when the US leader asserted to raise the issue of war on drugs that has reportedly taken 3,000 lives already in just over two months.

Speaking to the reporters, Duterte responded when asked about his message to the US President saying, “You must be respectful. Do not just throw away questions and statements. Son of a w****, I will curse you in that forum.”

On the other side, Obama initially remarked by branding Duterte a “colourful guy.” Despite the cancellation, the two did meet before the ASEAN dinner.

According to TIME magazine, President Rodrigo Duterte revealed what he and Obama discussed about during their brief talk. He told the Filipino community in Indonesia that he informed the US leader that he “never made that statement” and Obama should “check it out.”

He said that the media has distorted his comments, swearing that it was not directed at him. Barack Obama shrugged off the remarks, saying he did not take it personally and then shook Duterte’s hands.

Obama then told Duterte ,“My men will talk to you,” and the Philippine President replied “OK.”

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

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