100 Stunning Shades of Greece Painted With God’s Pallet [Pictures]

100 Stunning Shades of Greece Painted With God’s Pallet [Pictures]

When most people think of Greece, pictures of white-washed houses and cobalt blue seas come to mind. The truth of the matter is that there’s so much more to the country than blue and white. The kaleidoscope of colors is not enough to fit in the shades of Greece, but this list will limit itself to just some… RUSTY RED BEACH AT SANTORINI The beach is unique as it is surrounded by dramatic red cliffs made of volcanic lava. BLOOD RED POPPIES BY THE SEA Come Easter, the countryside is covered by carpets of blood red poppies with red so deep that some say are the splashes of Jesus Christ’s own blood during the Crucifixion. PURPLE RAIN AT ZAPPEION Summer is a spectacular sight to behold at Zappeion mansion near the National Gardens of Athens as trails of Jacaranda trees shower passers-by — and statues of dead poets and ancient philosophers — with purple rain. FUCHSIA BOUGANVILLEA AT KOS As you sip your coffee at a charming sidewalk café at a picturesque lane in Kos, a soft breeze blows some confetti your way… before you realize that it was just the rustling leaves of the bougainvillea plant overhead.   CHERRY PINK AT ANCIENT OLYMPIA Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Ancient Olympic Games is a sight to behold in Spring as cherry blossoms bloom among the marble ruins. PALE PINK BEACHES OF CRETE Fractured shells and microscopic Foraminifera molluscs are responsible for the pink hues on Cretan beaches such as Balos and Elafonisos. SANTORINI GOLDEN SUNSET Sunset watching on Santorini has been elevated to an art. Jaw-dropping scenes give the sugar-cubed houses of the Caldera a netherworldly ambience. EMERALD GREEN ALONISSOS Alonissos can be considered the jade jewel of the Sporades island cluster. Not far from the island of Skopelos, this island is definitely quieter and a veritable find. OLIVE-COLORED PELOPONNESE Come November, its t…

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