CLOSED: Black Country care home ‘deprived people of liberty’

CLOSED: Black Country care home 'deprived people of liberty'

Following inspections on June 8 and 9, Shirley O’Donnell decided to close The Red House in Kingswinford which she ran with her late husband David for over 30 years.Click here to see the full reportThe report published on July 13 states: “People were not supported to make their own decisions in line with the Mental Capacity Act 2005. We saw that some people were being deprived of their liberty.”Highlighting one resident’s treatment, the report said: “This person was being restricted and had furniture placed in front of them to prevent them being able to get out of their chair.”
The inspectors also said others were restricted, adding: “This included not allowing people to use their wheelchairs around the home. We saw that people did not have their walking aids within easy reach to support their free movement.”Another major issue was the lack of staff at night, with only Mrs O’Donnell present. Furthermore care records were out of date and inaccurate.The home was providing accommodation and care for four people, who have now been moved to different homes.
But it failed to comply with the Mental Capacity Act 2005, and the related safeguards, according to the Care Quality Commission.The report did identify that access to other healthcare services was provided, while residents and relatives described the staff as caring.Asked about the placing of furniture in front of a resident, Mrs O’Donnell explained that it concerned a 92-year-old lady, saying: “Before she came to the home her daughter told us that she would throw herself on to the floor. I w…

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