Published On: Sat, Jul 23rd, 2016

The Nvidia Titan X graphics card is back and irresponsibly overpowered

Jen-Hsun thought that was not doable this in generation of product, but apparently, Brian and his team pulled it off. Mr. Kelleher won the bet of a dollar. Its sum of Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) cores were also lessened to 1152 while the recently released GTX 1060 has 1280 CUDA cores.All this should result in a card that is up to 60 percent faster than previous Titan. Over 12 billion transistors power the card. Low-overhead APIs have the potential to change that thanks to new methods of sharing workloads between cards, but we’ve only seen very limited support for multi-GPU in DX12 titles to date. Will Donald Trump win the U.S. presidential election?
Turning to his running mate, he said, “Are you allowed to set up a super-PAC, Mike, if you are the president, to fight somebody?” A bristling Donald Trump declared Friday that Ted Cruz’s endorsement no longer matters and he would no longer accept it. To put this into perspective, the latest and greatest graphics card that AMD has released is the RX 480.While the Pascal Titan X doesn’t exactly get the insane, insane GP100 GPU found on the Tesla P100, it gets the GP102 GPU instead which is still insane. The card was unveiled at Stanford University at an event attended by over 500 academics, researchers and students. Cowboys Rookie Ezekiel Elliott Accused of Domestic Violence
Elliott has since denied the accusation and the National Football League has indicated that it will look into the matter . Former Ohio State Buckeyes running back Ezekiel Elliott has been accused of domestic abuse by his ex-girlfriend. Looking forward to the new card?Some participants are already getting a head start on that research, after Huang gave away a handful of Titan X cards to audience members. Four years ago, Ng helped jumpstart the field of artificial intelligence by using GPUs to build a network of artificial neurons. He then used 10 million YouTube videos to train the system, building one of the first deep learning networks. Unfortunately that Nvidia made a decision to keep the same name, as it will confuse a few people. Talking geeky about its memory, the NVIDIA flagship card features a 12 GB GDDR5X memory configuration capable of delivering 10 Gbps speed, backed up by 384-bit wide bus, devising 480GBps of memory bandwidth. Kohli hits double ton to fire India
India had started off the day at their overnight score of 302/4, with the two batsmen looking to bat as long as possible. Ravichandran Ashwin, who shared a 168-run partnership for the fifth wicket with Kohli, went for 113.

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