Weltrend Adopts AndesCore in WT8893 Around View Monitor Video Processor Shipping in a Major Sports Utility Vehicle

Weltrend Adopts AndesCore in WT8893 Around View Monitor Video Processor Shipping in a Major Sports Utility Vehicle
Andes Solution Enables Weltrend WT8893 a More Cost Effective, Lower Power Alternative to DSP-Based Around View Monitor Designs Hsinchu, Taiwan. — August 24, 2016 — Andes Technology Corporation, the leading Asia-based suppliers of small, low-power, high performance 32-bit embedded CPU cores, announced Weltrend Semiconductor, Inc. a leading fabless semiconductor company based in Hsinchu, Taiwan adopted AndesCore for their WT8893 Around-View Monitor chip. The Andes 32-bit CPU core enables the Weltrend WT8893 AVM chip a more cost-effective, lower power alternative to the DSP core typically found in other AVM chip designs—a competitive advantage in a fast growing AVM processor market.
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“The competition to win designs in advanced driver assistance system with major automotive electronics system supplier is intense and requires a technical edge,” said Chao-Chee Ku, Ph.D., Senior Director of Product Marketing of Weltrend Semiconductor. “Our WT8893, for example, includes CVBS input from four channel video decoders, four individual contrast/brightness adjustment function, input image position adjustment function to correct the camera assembling error, video image processing, fisheye correction, perspective adjustment, capability to combine front/rear/left/right four images to top view with adjustable image size and boundary fusion processing, as well as other functions. Andes exceeded our expectation in product and service. The core provides savings on area, power and better performance compared to the competitive offerings based on a digital signal processor to perform the same operations. We achieved a technical advantage with Andes’ 32-bit RISC CPU core.” “From our founding, Andes Technology has architected its AndesCore processors based on input from customers, including Weltrend Semiconductor, a customer since 2009,” said Frankwell Lin, President of Andes. “Our synthesizable general purpose 32-bit embedded processor core N1337 used in WT8893 reflects this response to customer requirements. It comes with a coprocessor interface for FPU unit and software management multi-core instructions and with variety of configuration options including MMU, cache and local memory. It can be configured for performance sensitive applications running embedded Linux or other advanced operating systems. It can also be configured with a memory protection unit for real-time operating system applications.” Growing Market for ADAS In an article from Electronics360, “‘Outsiders’ Make Inroads in ADAS Market,” Akhilesh Kona, analyst for automotive semiconductors at Englewood, Colo. market research firm IHS, Inc. stated. “Chipmakers are developing solutions that will cut down the costs of semiconductor components for mass market volume.” As a result, the article noted that ADAS features such as around-view cameras for self-parking, once offered as a luxury vehicle option, are rapidly becoming standard in most cars across the globe. With this widespread adoption, IHS forecasts ADAS revenue from semiconductors and sensors will reach $4.0 billion by…

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