Suicide Squad Star Margot Robbie and Her Beauty Secrets


Australian Margot Robbie first shone on The Wolf of Wall Street and just recently acted in two major films titled, Suicide Squad and The Legend of Tarzan. It is no surprise she had been cast in those films, with her dedication and determination to daringly do her own stunts.

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Her love for stunt work might be rooted from the fact that she grew up in Australia where they always engage in activities like jumping off cliffs, taking motorbikes for a ride, and surfing the waves with her “all-girl-gang” in a place called Alley. During Suicide Squad, we also saw Robbie doing her own fun inking her co-actors with Cara Delevigne letting the bottom of her toes be inked with smiley emoji, as reported by Elle last July. And if you’re not yet familiar, she also knows how to skate and played amateur ice hockey before in New York. With all the many things she can do, one can only wish to be like her.


In her latest interview with Vogue, the 26-year old actress shared some of her beauty secrets and this might be your chance to follow her footsteps!

To start off, she is the newest campaign endorser of Calvin Klein’s Deep Euphoria, perfect for her image being seductive and casual at the same time. The said perfume is mixed with jasmine and rose – scents that make her remember what her childhood was like. When she was a child, she dreamt of having her own scent. She accepted the project being a firm believer of Calvin Klein “making classic things seem modern”.

Margot Robbie is currently on the set for her new project where she is portraying Daphne, the wife of A.A. Milne, the famous author of Winnie-the-Pooh series where she admitted to having bought a specific perfume which can help her act her role in the movie set in the 1920s.

This is not the first time she did this, because according to her, she always prepares to choose a scent that will embody the character she needs to play. When she played Jane in The Legend of Tarzan, she chose  “pure rose oil” and when she acted as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, she chose “something kind of tacky and sickly sweet”.

From a bigger perspective, the beautiful actress is telling everyone that scent matters, it affects one’s attitude and how you see the world. So, if you find yourself down at the moment, perhaps  perfume might lift your mood and you can go back and ace the activities you need to accomplish.

If you want to experience absolute tranquility, Robbie recommends Soho Farmhouse – where she boasts of a “Cowshed spa” being incredible. Being a Londoner, she manages to keep her skin beautiful because London rarely gets any sun out.

Lastly, she keeps her body fit and healthy through Pilates,  known to improve flexibility, posture, and abdominal strength. If you want to be like Margot Robbie, you only have to remember four things: your scent, reserve a relaxation time in a spa, protect your skin from the sun, and engage yourself in a lot of exercises!

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