Published On: Mon, Sep 19th, 2016

'Metro' Series Developer Reveals Two Cropped Photos; Teasing Its New Game in Development, Fans Wild Suggestions Unveiled

The Metro series developer 4A Games recently uploaded two cropped images to tease its new game project. Some fans suggested that it appears to be a sci-fi game.

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4A revealed the photos on Facebook. “So there have been a lot of discussions and thoughts on what we are doing. So I was told to give you guys a hand,” the developer wrote as the caption.


Looking at the fans’ comments, most of the avid followers concluded that it seemed to be a futuristic sci-fi game. Some fans showed their support and expressed how glad they are that 4A is finally making their comeback.

As for the other game enthusiasts, they appear saddened with the new game teaser. According to some fans, they would rather see the continuation of Metro series than be introduced to another sci-fi.

But then, several commentators suggested that the released images might be from the upcoming Metro that some fans were long hoping for to be created. The game enthusiasts particularly stated that the cropped photos might be from Metro 2035.

On a side note, one fan pointed out that 4A Games could be working on Crisis 4. Other social media user said otherwise that it could be the Oculus Touch game.

According to Game Spot, the Chief technical officer Oles Shishkovstov hinted that the studio is developing a sandbox ‘game.’ In 2014, Shishkovstov disclosed that the game designers had chosen to go for a more-sandbox-style experience.

Thereafter, 4A Games officially announced that they are currently working on two game projects. Nevertheless, the Metro game developer did not specifically name the titles that they are creating.

The Metro series game developer 4A Games latest games are Metro 2033’s and Metro: Last Light’s remastered versions. The two games will be available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light are based on Dmitry A. Glukhovsky’s novel, Metro 2033.

Photo Source: Flickr User Wake Up Freeman

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