Published On: Fri, Sep 16th, 2016

‘Suits’ Season 6 Midseason Spoilers: Gina Torres Exits for New TV Show; EP Originally Wanted Role Dead?

In a surprising twist for its midseason finale, the woman who started it all said goodbye. The indomitable Jessica Pearson, portrayed by Gina Torres, decided to leave the firm she built in the Suits Season 6 midseason finale.

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Being involved in the now-successful case of death-row inmate Leonard Bailey (Glenn Plummer) led to a change of heart in Jessica. In exchange for being the queen of a flailing corporate law firm, her character had decided to go a more personal route and be with the man she loves.


Torres’ exit has been carefully crafted by showrunner and creator Aaron Korsh according to TVLine. “Gina, towards the beginning of Season 5, had come to me and expressed a desire to be back in Los Angeles for personal reasons,” Korsh says. Suits Season 6 films in Toronto.

Fans should not despair, though, Korsh says, because Torres might be back on a guest star basis. It is typically Jessica to be decisive about packing up her life, and the EP says “it’s the only way she would leave.” On the other hand, he had originally wanted Jessica killed by the victim’s father, but decided to go the happy ending way.

In an update report of TVLine on the actress, Torres is reported to soon jump into Shondaland’s The Catch on the ABC network. “Leaving the show was indeed a difficult decision to make,” the 47-year-old actress said in a statement. “However at this time, it is necessary to get back to my life [in Los Angeles] and all the very important things that being on location in Toronto made very difficult to manage.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the firm will naturally be affected, most especially Harvey (Gabriel Macht). He is left to save the firm with Louis (Rick Hoffman), and the power is certainly not on an equal scale. In her absence, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) is tempted to take Harvey’s offer to help out as a consultant. 

Mike just got out of federal prison so he is thinking really hard if he can do it all over again. This remains to be seen in the continuation of the series. Another cliffhanger is Harvey and Donna holding hands, and fans are puzzled as what.

Korsh just says it is a tender and intimate moment, one of vulnerability in the light of things, and that is all that he leaves as information. Stay tuned for more updates on Suits Season 6.

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